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About Us



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 Contact Information

Main Office:
(phone) 773.535.9375
(fax) 773.535.9567

History and Community

Christopher school was built in 1927 with the purpose of serving students with disabilities. It is a single story building with ramps at all entrances. The original structure was designed as a square, surrounding an outdoor patio. In the mid 1970’s, work was completed on an addition which included a gym, heated swimming pool, and shower facilities. In 1992, the school participated in reverse mainstreaming to include general education students for grades 1-8. In 2002, another addition was added to accommodate students with severe and profound disabilities.  In 2012 a full-day kindergarten program was opened to accomodate the needs of our community and families.

Christopher School is located in the Gage Park community on the southwest side of the city of Chicago. The neighborhood is predominantly Hispanic. However, within our school walls all ethnic groups are represented due to our extensive boundaries.

Programs and Staff

Our school offers an extensive program including an inclusive general education program for kindergarten through eighth grades, a Hispanic bilingual program and self-contained classes for cognitively delayed students (mild to profound) who also have physical disabilities or other health impairments. All students at Christopher School receive a quality education that has been tailored to meet their needs and help them achieve their maximum potential. Individualized instruction is accomplished through small class size. The large number of special education students require individualized programs and auxiliary teaching staff. This school provides on-site services of a social worker, speech pathologists, occupational and physical therapists, visual and hearing impaired specialists, a psychologist, case manager, counselor, nurses, and other resource and auxiliary personnel. Many students with special needs require numerous adaptations so that they may access and experience success in the general education curriculum. Some of the adaptations for general education students include the use of technology, rolling and adjustable tables, bookstands and/or assistive technology such as the Alpha Smart , books on tape and adaptive writing devices.